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I have always been fascinated by intensely intimate relationships between men, whether brothers, friends, or lovers. Strong men exhibiting soft emotions such as caring and concern touch me deeply, compelling me to write romance that includes passion, angst, and hurt/comfort.

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"I always enjoy a Rebecca James book and I love a May/ December romance. I enjoyed the pacing of the development of Hawk and Jude's relationship :) Hawk had to heal from losing Jude the first time and their reunion the second time around took us all on a sexy fast-paced journey to a happy ending. Definitely recommend!" --Amazon Reader Review


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Book 2 of Balls and Brawn Security

Paperback includes prequel below

This is a new author for me & I love Rebecca’s writing style. I loved reading about West & Logan hop(e) to read more in this series. --Amazon Reader Review

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Prequel Novella

How did West and Logan get to this point?
It all started here.

Book One

Ox claims to be vanilla, but Mick feels sure the big man wouldn't balk at trying a few other flavors.
When a terrifying text message sends Mick Waters spiraling into panic, he finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder. A concerned friend arranges for Mick to be escorted to a Tennessee cabin to stay with Oxford Bradley, his new bodyguard--a big man Mick finds both frightening and incredibly attractive.
Ox is determined to keep Mick safe from his abusive ex. Attraction is one thing, but Ox is confused at how unexpectedly titillated he is when Mick admits to having a Daddy kink. However, Ox has never had an unprofessional relationship with a client, and he's not about to start one now.


My Series

The Hedonist Series: A motorcycle brotherhood of soft-hearted guys and the men they fall for. Completed.

Just Friends Series: Standalone books with the friends-to-lovers trope.

The SOS Series: Omegaverse in a world with rare, endangered omegas. Contains ruts, heats, mpreg, nesting,and other omegaverse favorites. Book 3 Coming Summer 2022.

The River Wolf Pack, Angel Hills, and Cascade City Series: Shifter, mpreg books set in the same world. Contains MM, MMM. Completed.

The Boys' Love Series: Set in Thailand, young actors of boys' love dramas falling for their costars.

The Balls and Brawn Series: Follows the men of Falcon Security.



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