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Prelude Book to The Balls and Brawn Series

Wanna Bet?

West/Logan and Falcon Security beginnings

Abstract Linear Background

One night changes everything for two best friends.
During their fifteen years of friendship in the Marine Corps, West and Logan have made countless bets, trading the same worn-out hundred dollar bill back and forth. One night at a bar, West bets Logan that within fifteen minutes he can convince two women to have a foursome with them. Not believing his friend can do it, Logan takes the bet. The night that follows is a little more eye-opening than either man planned.
During his years as a Marine, Logan kept his bisexuality to himself, firmly squashing any attraction he might have felt for West when they met. But the night of the foursome, those feelings reawaken, leaving Logan raw and unsure.
West definitely enjoyed the foursome, but the more he thinks about it, the more he wonders if Logan’s presence is what really turned him on. Confused and needing answers, his next bet follows a plan that he hopes will make things clear to him.
But at what cost?



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