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The following chapter is NSFW.

Chapter Eight: Lauden


Lauden stared at the man in his bed—the expanse of pale, unmarked skin, the round ass, the dark hair falling in waves.

You can do this, he told himself. You must do this.

"Is something wrong?" Ayrie asked.

Heat suffused Lauden's cheeks. "No. Nothing. Let me find something to—er, ease the entry." He started to move away from the bed, but Ayrie's next words stopped him.

"No need. Both Fae males and females are self-lubricating when aroused." Leaning forward, Ayrie put his weight on his elbows, giving Lauden an excellent view of his new husband's glistening pink asshole. Did that mean…that Ayrie was aroused? Unable to help himself, he ran this tip of his index finger over the wrinkled pucker; then, when Ayrie gasped, he quickly pulled his hand away.


"Lauden. Fuck me fast and hard and get it over with."

Lauden almost swallowed his tongue at the brash words. But the Fae was right; they had a task to complete. No point in putting it off any longer.

Squaring his shoulders, Lauden climbed onto the bed behind Ayrie, eyes once more roaming over the expanse of pale skin, a confusing juxtaposition of curves and muscle. Moments ago, when Ayrie had unexpectedly dropped his robes, Lauden had been momentarily struck speechless . As attractive as Ayrie's face was, his body was also a work of art. He was a man—but he was beautiful.

Resting his palms on the round orbs of Arie's ass, Lauden squeezed, watching his fingers leave red marks on the ample flesh.

Clearly, this wasn't going to be as difficult as he'd feared. His cock was already hard. How could that be?

But maybe not so odd, he thought. From this perspective, I could be mounting a woman.

Ayrie looked inquiringly at Lauden from over his shoulder and arched one dark brow in question.

Telling himself to get on with it, Lauden pressed the leaking head of his engorged member to Ayrie's asshole.

​​"Do you need--"

"Just do it," Ayrie said, then gasped as Lauden pushed into him in one smooth glide. Reaching for a handful of Ayrie's thick, long hair, Lauden pulled Ayrie's head back and began thrusting, setting a steady pace.

Ayrie's grunts and cries filled the room, fueling Lauden's desire. He told himself he should be disgusted because Ayrie sounded like the man he was, not a woman. But something about the noises he made every time Lauden sank into him made Lauden want to do it again and again. Before long, they were both sweating and breathing hard.

When Lauden's balls drew up tight to his body, but he fought off the impending orgasm. Not because he was enjoying fucking a man. Any moment now his baser senses would realize it was not a woman's ass he was plundering and he would lose his erection. He needed to deliver his seed before then. But his pride would not allow him to finish until Ayrie had had his pleasure. He wasn't some brute who fucked someone and left them unfulfilled.

What does the Fae's pleasure matter? This is a business transaction! a voice in his head objected.

Ignoring it, Lauden spread himself over Ayrie, covering the Fae's smaller form with his larger one. Slipping his hand between Ayrie and the bed, he took hold of his cock. It grew substantially in his grip. Pretending it was himself he pleasured, Lauden twisted his wrist on every upstroke, free hand balancing him on the bed, until Ayrie began to babble incoherently, fingers gripping the sheet beneath him. Suddenly, Ayrie's body tightened around Lauden's cock and he cried out. With a rush of pleasure so intense Lauden vibrated with it, he spilled his seed into Ayrie's upturned ass, forcing it down deep with several more hard thrusts before withdrawing and stumbling off the bed to his feet.


Ayrie collapsed onto his belly, and Lauden stared at the pearly white cum leaking from the newly stretched hole he'd just vacated.


How can it have been so pleasurable?


It must have been the fact that Lauden had never fucked anyone in the ass before. It had been so tight—like a vice on his cock.

Ayrie moaned, and Lauden's eyes fell to the two red handprints he'd left on the white globes of Ayrie's ass, then lower to where Lauden's seed trickled down the inside of his husband's muscular thighs. His cock arched away from his body as it stiffened, and with a curse, Lauden climbed onto the bed again and pushed into Ayrie's relaxed body, groaning with pleasure.

Hands braced on the mattress, he fucked Ayrie a second time, the Fae lifting his ass obligingly and groaning as Lauden unloaded whatever seed was left inside of him.

Picking up Ayrie's discarded robe from the floor, Lauden draped it over him, leaving just Ayrie's legs and to the tops of his thighs exposed.

"Ayrie," he said.

Ayrie turned his head. He looked well-fucked and satisfied, and Lauden's chest filled with pride at having done that to him.

Clearing his throat, Lauden said, "My mother and chief advisor must enter the room to see that the deed is done. I am sorry. They wanted to be present during the act—but I managed to convince them this would do.

Rising to his elbows, Ayrie frowned. "They won't take your word? My word?"

"I'm afraid not. I think they feared I would not be able to…complete the act, as I've never lain with a man."

With a look that was decidedly insulted, Ayrie said, "Get it over with, then" before flopping back onto the mattress and burying his face in his arms.

Lauden donned his own robe, then crossed into the other room and opened the door, not too surprised to see Ayrie's guard standing in the hallway with his mother and Aswold.

Marona looked Lauden over. Glancing at the mirror on the opposite wall, he saw a disheveled, sweaty, well satisfied man.

Clearing his face of all expression, he said, "Make this quick."

"Of course. We do not want to make Ayrie feel uncomfortable." Marona sailed past Lauden, Aswold following. His mother went straight through to the next room and to the bed, but Lauden stopped Aswold in the doorway.

"You can see from here," he said. Aswold looked at him curiously but didn't argue. Lauden was thankful. All he knew was that he suddenly couldn't abide the thought of the other man getting near Ayrie in such a vulnerable position.

"You did that much more quickly than I expected," Marona said when Lauden escorted her and Aswold out of his suite. "Well done. We will talk on the morrow."

When Lauden returned to the bedroom, Ayrie was on his feet, tying his robe about his waist.

"Careful," Lauden said, taking Ayrie's arm when his legs almost gave out.

Not meeting his gaze, Ayrie nodded and, tugging his arm from Lauden's grip, walked out of the room without a word.

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