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Out of Harm's Way

Ox claimed to be vanilla, but Mick felt sure the big man wouldn't balk at trying a few other flavors.

When a terrifying text message from Mick Water's abuser, recently escaped from prison, sends him spiraling into panic, he finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder and barely able to sleep at night. Then his friends arrange for a bodyguard for him, and Mick feels  a confusing combination of relief at having protection, dismay at the sheer size of his new bodyguard, and arousal due to Mick's attraction to big men. His ex was a big man, and Mick paid dearly for that attraction.
Oxford Bradley enjoys his job with Foster Security, which includes a mixed bag of high-stakes cases--some of them dangerous--and dull babysitting-type situations. When he isn't working, he prefers a serene life devoid of drama and, let’s face it, a somewhat vanilla sex life. Assigned to protect a terrified man from his abusive ex, Ox is horrified at his body’s reaction to not only Mick himself, but also Mick’s admission to a Daddy kink--he’s never had an unprofessional relationship with a client and he isn’t starting now.
As Mick warms up to Ox and the two men get to know one another, the attraction between them grows. Ox refuses to break his professional code, but what about when the danger's over? Living in different states, they can't possibly have more than a one-off, and the temptation to explore with this intriguing man is undeniable.
Will one night send Ox running back to his comfortable vanilla lifestyle, or will Mick help him find a new favorite flavor? And what happens when an opportunity presents itself for Ox to see Mick again?


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