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Out of Reach

Does a first love deserve a second chance?

Jude English spent his childhood in the foster care system and then on the streets, never having a plan in mind other than where his next meal would come from. When he first laid eyes on Hawk Sterling tending bar at a nightclub, Jude immediately wanted the handsome Navy SEAL. But all he got that night was kicked out of the bar for being underage. Jude was persistent, though, and eventually, he and Hawk became a couple.

Hawk Sterling remembers the day that Jude told him their relationship was over as the worst day of his life. Up to that point, he never realized how much he depended on Jude always being there. It took many sleepless nights and a lot of therapy for Hawk to come to terms with the fact that he'd lost the man he loved through his own blind selfishness.

Four years have passed since Jude abruptly left, and Hawk has come to grips with never seeing Jude again. So, it takes a moment for him to believe what he’s seeing when his boss hands him his next assignment. Hawk knew that Jude had achieved his dream of becoming a model, but he didn’t realize that, until recently, Jude had been dating Sam Prescott--a suspected crime boss. And now, Prescott has put a hit out on Jude.

The smart thing to do would be to hand over the assignment to one of his coworkers at Falcon Security, but Hawk doesn't trust anyone except himself to keep Jude safe. He might not be able to resurrect the past, but he can save Jude's life and get him out of the mess he's gotten himself into. Hawk is determined to do so--even if it costs him his job.

Out of Reach is the third book in the Balls and Brawn Security Series. Books can be read on their own but are best read in order. Second chance, age difference, protector, redemption.

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