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Boys' Love

The sexy young men of Thailand and their struggles playing in popular Boys' Love Series

Book One: Boys' Love

Rama’s dream is to be an actor, so when he's offered an audition for an upcoming Boys’ Love drama, he jumps at the chance. Due to the popularity of bl dramas, a lead part in one is considered the quickest route to fame for young male actors. Rama isn't worried about playing opposite a man; he's more concerned about the outward affection that fanservice in the bl industry demands from its actors--his past girlfriends didn’t dub him "iceman" for nothing.
Recently outed in an industry that prefers their actors to be straight, Pravat feels lucky when he wins a lead role in a new series. The phenomenal chemistry between him and his co-star launches them to top fan popularity. By the time Pravat realizes he's falling for Rama, it's too late to turn back.


Book Two: In Love

Sequel to Book One

A straight guy falls for his male co-star in a Thai boys' love series.

It sounds like a TV romance, but for Rama Sathianthai, it's reality. The chemistry between the two young actors and their popularity as a couple has won them a second season of their series, which means they'll have to keep their budding relationship a secret. The bl industry frowns on gay actors, particularly those who want to date each other. But the couple is determined to make things work. Meanwhile, the upcoming wedding of his favorite cousin threatens to throw Rama into family drama due to his recent confession that his aunt molested him when he was an adolescent. With the cards stacked against them, Rama and Pravat worry that love might not be enough to keep them together.


Book Three: Baby Love

Cover by Feddefar

It's difficult to remain professional when your new BL partner is your old crush.

When Spin--or "Baby," as his friends nicknamed him due to his affectionate and clingy nature--joins a new Boys' Love production company, he never expects to be coupled with his old crush from university, Park Rardchawat. He knows from experience how easy it is to get too attached to your partner in this business, and, with his sister's tuition to pay for, he can't afford to get lost in his feelings. But with competitive fanservice blurring the lines, it isn't long before Spin finds himself falling hard for his handsome costar. Now, it's his heart as well as his job he has to worry about.

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