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Work in Progress

Changes Happening!

For me, last year was a year of reflection, and this year is a year of action.

You might have noticed I have made a lot of changes here on my website. Well, I am also adding some features to my Facebook readers' group and my newsletter.

My newsletter will now be coming out twice every month. Newsletters will include any new releases I have, a couple of new releases from other authors, my own reading recommendations, and a little personal chat. I hope to make it a place where loyal readers can always find me. I've also started working on a m-preg vampire/fae fantasy and posting it chapter by chapter on my website. Comments are welcome. Please keep in mind that it is a work in progress and completely unedited.

Other than the vampire/fae, I'm currently in the middle of writing a friends-to-lovers, bi-awakening novel. I have new covers coming out for my Boys' Love Series, all by one artist in more of a manga style. You may have noticed that this one is the only series I do not have on Kindle Unlimited. This is because I want to branch out from having everything I put out solely on Amazon, which is a stipulation when an author puts their books on KU. Soon I would like to sell some of my books on this website. I will be putting my Boys' Love Series into print, as well as getting all my shifter books back into print.

I have a new PA, Scarlet Tippetts, who is helping me with some organizational work that I need to do in order to finish my SOS series, as well as a possible continuation of my sci-fantasy series.

Thank you all for being loyal readers and for having an interest in my books! I would love to hear from you in the comments below. I had to delete the older comments because something buggy happened to them and they were overlapping the new comments.

You can subscribe to my newsletter and/or join my Facebook readers' group by hitting the pink buttons below.

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