What am I working on? Good question. Let's talk.

I try not to work on too many books at once because it makes me anxious to have a lot of projects unfinished. Also, it's difficult to jump from one series to another and maintain continuity. Having said that, I am also a creative person with ideas and sometimes I just can't help it! So here they are. My current projects. As my Muse is fickle, these are subject to change. I will update periodically.

The Hedonist Series

Book 8--the final book of the series, which features Adam--he's the one who suffered a head injury a few books back and now experiences absence seizures. I hope to have this book out late summer 2020.

7/12/2020 Currently working on book 8, which is Adam's book.

The Angel Hills Series

You may have noticed my shifter series have been missing on Amazon for a while. That's because I was in the process of getting back my rights from my former publisher. I edited and reloaded the River Wolf Pack series, and now I'm in the process of doing the same for Angel HIlls.

Book 3 releasing May 29th

The Cascade City Series

I have completed editing and reworking the first two books of this series, and they are loaded and waiting for Amazon to publish. Book 1 has been in review for eight days now, and book 2 for two. Don't be surprised if two goes in before one because things have been crazy there.

Running Free, book 3 and the final book of the series, is in the works now, meaning this is the project I'm putting the most effort into at the moment. It will wrap up the story arc for all three shifter series in the River Wolf Pack world. I hope to have it out early summer 2020.

7/11/2020 Progress: LIVE and on KU!

Future Projects

The Henry Series---  A is a spin-off for the Hedonist Series, this world revolves around the town of Henry. Fans of Mick will be glad to know he will get his own book in this series, as will a few other secondary characters from the Hedonist books. Don't be surprised to see cameos from a few Hedonist members now and then, too. Timeline for this project--if things go as planned--the first book will come out Fall 2020.

Another possible series will be a coyote shifter series following Foster and Crow (River Wolf Pakc and Cascade City) in Crow's pack in the Mojave desert.

And idea that won't leave my head: Straight guy falls for a twink who likes to wear skirts. I don't know what I'll do with this. Stand alone?

The SOS Series

For those of you patiently waiting for the second book in the SOS series, I'm sorry it's taking so long. I have it written, but it needs extensive revision. I hope to have it out this year.

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Recently, I wrote a short story for a Friends to Lovers giveaway. The title is Luca Loves Michael. I enjoyed these characters so much, I am toying with the idea of expanding the story into a novel after the giveaway's over. If you like the idea, let me know below in the comments below or on social media!