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What am I working on? Good question. Let's talk. --updated 05/30/2023.

I try not to work on too many books at once because it makes me anxious to have a lot of projects unfinished. Also, it's difficult to jump from one series to another and maintain continuity. Having said that, I am also a creative person with ideas and sometimes I just can't help it! So here they are. My current projects. As my Muse is fickle, these are subject to change. I will update periodically.

The Balls and Brawn Series

Wanna Bet? (a prelude short story)  and book 2, All Bets are Off (both West/Logan) are now available in one paperback. I'm working on book 3 at the moment, tentatively titled Out of Reach. It's about Hawk/Jude. Release date June 9th. Now available for pre-order.

The Hedonist Series

Complete with eight books, all available both on Kindle Unlimited and in print on Amazon.

The River Wolf Pack Angel Hills, and Cascade City Series

These series are now complete and will be out in paperback soon. It is also available as a box set on Amazon.

The SOS Series

Books 1 and 2 are available. Book 3 remains a question mark, but, believe me, it's always in the back of my mind.

Just Friends Series

This is a friends-to-lovers series of unrelated books. Book one, Love Eventually (formally titled Ignite), came out early last year. Book 2, Wrapped in Red, was released in November 2022 as a holiday novel. I look forward to writing another friends-to-lovers novel soon.

Boys' Love Series

Boys' Love and Boys' Love 2 are now both available on Amazon. Update: Working on Book 3--Spin's story.

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