What am I working on? Good question. Let's talk. --updated 5/22/2021.

I try not to work on too many books at once because it makes me anxious to have a lot of projects unfinished. Also, it's difficult to jump from one series to another and maintain continuity. Having said that, I am also a creative person with ideas and sometimes I just can't help it! So here they are. My current projects. As my Muse is fickle, these are subject to change. I will update periodically.

The Balls and Brawn Series

The first book in this series, Out of Harm's Way, is live. Book 2 will feature West and Logan from the short story giveaway, Wanna Bet?.

The Hedonist Series

Book 8--the final book of the series that features Adam, has been released. I am sad to see the guys go! This series is complete.

The River Wolf Pack Angel Hills, and Cascade City Series

These series are now complete and will be out in paperback soon.

The SOS Series

Books one and two are available. Book three expected in 2021.

Up Next

Those of you who read Luca Loves Michael, my short story friends-to-lovers giveaway last September, will be glad to know I'm turning it into a novel that should be out in May. The title is No Regrets. As of this date, I'm still working on this. Some days I think it's going fabulously, and others not so much. Don't worry, I have some vacation coming up. I'll get my sh*t together.

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