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The Alpha's UnexpectedOmega

An omega in need is difficult to resist.

In an attempt to protect a young omega under his protection from a deadly government plot, Alpha Maddox Angel has volunteered himself as a mate. He barely knows David Bridges, but since the day Maddox claimed the omega in front of government officials, a tenuous bond has formed between them. After spending years wanting to get away from his family's ranch, Maddox isn't sure he'll be able to settle down there with a mate—particularly not with an omega mate. No one knows much about alpha/omega relationships other than they are said to be highly sexually charged, and Maddox isn't eager to relinquish his control to his ruts.

David has lived his life hidden from the government trying to kill him. He never expects handsome, tattooed Maddox Angel—the man hired to keep him safe—to offer to mate him. Part of David is excited at the prospect, but another is afraid that no mating begun out of a sense of obligation can last.

The Alpha’s Unexpected Omega is the second book in the SOS omegaverse series, which contains ruts, heats, nesting, erotic customs, and general omegav
erse kink wrapped up in sweet, passionate romance. It is recommended that book one, The Alpha’s Forbidden Omega, be read first.

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