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The Single Dad and his Soulmate

Book 7 The Hedonist Series


Can a man withstand losing his heart twice in one lifetime?

Flynn came back to NYC but made sure he never crossed paths with Matteo. And then they locked eyes at a party. Now Flynn can’t get his mind off Matteo. He’s listening to Adele on repeat, and his friends are starting to notice. He and Matteo had had a once in a lifetime love, and it isn’t long until Flynn finds out the sparks between them haven’t died. But Matteo’s still in the closet, and Flynn doesn’t have just himself to worry about now. And he’s not going to let his son down.



"Kudos to this author for an ending where our two main characters are together forever, but also an ending that acknowledges that in the real world, happiness is always tinged by sadness. Not everything works out nicely for everyone and not all people are able to come out to their entire family in a way that will satisfy everyone. This is a book that acknowledges the pain and devastation that coming out can cause. This is a great second chance romance that also has a biker character, some lovely bonding between a child and the parent's love interest to make a family and some really hot and steamy love scenes. I have not read previous volumes in this series, but you can bet I will after this one. I believed in the complex reality these characters live in, and I hope the rest of the series continues in the same way."

—Susie Umphers, Amazon

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