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The Pet Stylist and the Playboy

Dante's planted me solidly in the friend zone, and I need to move on.

That's what Swish, or rather, Isaac, finally tells himself before moving out of the biker clubhouse that's been his home for the past couple of years. He's been in love with Dante since the day the tough biker found him homeless and miserable in a gas station restroom, but Dante's never shown the younger man anything more than brotherly affection. So Isaac takes a live-in job working in a privately-owned animal shelter where he can continue his pet stylist business. When Dante starts hanging around Isaac's place, acting jealous and sending mixed signals until Isaac doesn't know what to think anymore, Isaac decides a little indulgence in his secret penchant for lace might clear up the question of whether Dante really wants to be friends…or maybe he’s ready for something more.

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