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The Hookup and the Hedonist

Book 8 the Hedonist Series


Can I even be called a biker when I can’t ride anymore?

Four years ago, Adam Gamble suffered a head injury that left him with sporadic absence seizures that have limited his autonomy. Hating how much he’s come to rely on his club brothers, Adam decides to move out of the clubhouse.
After failing to rekindle a past relationship, NYPD detective Tyson McCormick is wary of getting into another one anytime soon. An unexpected lunchtime hookup is just what he needs, but afterward, he can’t seem to get Adam out of his mind.
When the two start seeing each other, Adam worries that once he tells Tyson about his condition, things will change between them. Both men want to take things slow, but sometimes love has other ideas.

Solid Chemistry

Significant Secret.

Adam is struggling with the long term consequences of a previous head injury, which have left him with seizures that keep him from riding the bike he loves and make his brothers in the club treat him as something fragile. I sympathized with Adam’s plight-- he’s surrounded by people who love him, but who show that love by acting smothering and overprotective while assuring Adam that the seizures are no big deal. Their intentions are good and their actions come from genuine affection, but the cognitive dissonance between their words and actions is real. It makes sense, then, that when Adam hooks up with Tyson, a hot detective with no knowledge of the accident or the person he was before it, he doesn’t mention it. It’s when the hookups start to become more and he still struggles with telling his new lover about his medical history that things become a bit more fraught.

I really liked this book, although I sometimes struggled with Adam’s well-meaning but pushy friends. Still, Tyson and Adam have great physical chemistry, and their interactions are always hot. Emotionally, they seem to work together as well, although that part develops more slowly, hampered in part by Tyson’s busy job and in larger part by the secret Adam’s keeping. There’s also a compelling subplot that involves a corrupt rival club, a stalker ex who’s after Adam’s roommate, and a parrot with a disturbing habit of blurting out sexual suggestions. (Yeah, you read that right.) Fans of previous books in the series will be happy to see lots of familiar faces, but the novel’s plot and relationship arcs can easily stand alone.

I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review
. --Coffee, Amazon Reviewer

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