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The Diva and his Daddy

Book 6 The Hedonist Series


Nick says what he wants, wears what he wants, and does what he wants.

He had enough of Jeo “Hung” Mendoza when he worked as the biker/porn star’s assistant—he doesn’t need to go out with the guy. Besides, Jeo’s got a rep as a love-him-and-leave-him type, and Nick wants a Daddy who will stick around. But, somehow, the biker’s wheedling his way into Nick’s life…and he’s turning out to be everything Nick never knew he needed.



"This author has a way [of drawing] you into her books. Claps hands waiting eagerly for the next book of these men...I sat and read this in a day because I didn't want to wait to see their outcome."

—  Jackie Thorogood, Amazon United Kingdome

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