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The Brat and the Bossman

Book 3 The Hedonist Series


Rich brat + determined biker = hot arguments and even hotter sex.

Blaze made it clear last summer that he wasn’t interested, so why is the biker suddenly so eager to date me? I work eighteen hours a day just to pay my rent. I don’t have time for his b.s. But every considerate thing Blaze does draws me in closer, and I’m a sucker for those blue, blue eyes…
Only, ever since I’ve been hanging out with Blaze, something’s been triggered in my brain. Something I don’t want to face.
And it’s not going away.



"Another exciting tale from the Hedonist Motorcycle Club...President, Blaze, with jet black hair, blue eyes, muscles and tatoos, who has helped so many...Down and out Lake, disowned by family, works himself to the bone every day...The off-the-charts hot and passionate lovin' with these men is amazing....A riveting story with guts and heart. Highly recommended."

—  D. Hart, RCIS

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