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The Alpha's Forbidden Omega


Alpha businessman Carter Christian knows he's somewhat of a recluse, but he likes living out in the country with only the rare visitor. When his best friend and business partner suddenly asks him to house his omega son--a son Carter never even knew about-- for a short time, Carter is shocked, wary, and intrigued all at the same time. Omegas are rare, and until then, Carter had never met one. For his friend, however, he's willing to do it, even though the act requires that Carter take rut suppressants for the duration of the omega's stay.

Nineteen-year-old omega Jackson is tired of being hidden away. His parents plan to mate him to some alpha he doesn't even know, and until then he has to stay with his father's best friend. He finds he doesn't mind the latter so much because Carter listens to him and even tries to help Jackson research omegas. But, all too soon, the time comes for Jackson to mate the strange alpha. Only he doesn't want that alpha--he wants the alpha he's been living with who treats him like a person rather than something to be owned. Jackson doesn't care that Carter's old enough to be his father, but Carter isn't willing to break his friend's trust. Learning his parents may have been right about a government conspiracy against omegas only makes things more complicated for the two men who seem destined to be kept apart.


I LOVED this book!

This had all the wonderful things I want in ABO/Omegaverse stories - strong and protective alpha, sweet virgin omega, delicious chemistry between the two, knotting, scenting, claiming (although I wish we had gotten to read about the marking, it was only discussed), NESTING, and then you also have age gap as a big aspect in this story, which is just the icing on the yummy cake for me.

I loved how Jackson and Carter were together. I loved Carter's protectiveness, how he wanted the best for Jackson right from the start. I love that Jackson was the one to put things out in the open, and I loved their first time together. Sweet, sexy, and perfect.

I am also really interested in the world building here - what exactly IS going on with the omegas in the US, why is the government so interested in them. A lot of ABO'verse, omegas are either revered or ranked lower than trash, so it's interesting to see that in this one the omegas are possibly being eliminated - and for what reason? I also need to know what happened to Ben, one of Jackson's omega friends, and now of course I want to read Maddox and David's full story.

Excellent first story in this series, I really hope there is more soon!

—  Rachel Emily, Amazon

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