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Omega Arrival

Book One of Angel Hills Series

Books must be read in order.

Five omegas have left River Wolf Pack to join Angel Hills where pack alpha Grey has hopes of regaining the strength their pack once had before the great sickness killed all the omegas. Little does he realize the humans are up to something insidious in hopes of eventually destroying the werewolf species.

Gabriel hates how subservient his heats make him, afraid how he will feel when taken by an alpha. He panics when he finds out Grey, the pack alpha, and his beta mate Ian desire to mate the omega.

Justin was abused by his past alpha. He has been attracted to the handsome Angel Hills alpha Milo ever since Milo first visited River Wolf Pack, but he doubts the second-in-command will be interested in a used omega with two sets of twins.

London spots Tarz, the burly blacksmith, and immediately knows the alpha is the mate he wants.

Vincent has never been separated from his twin, Vaughn, and is worried when Grey arranges for him to mate Kale, an alpha who already has a beta mate and child. Especially when the beta, Craig, does not seem to like Vaughn.

Vaughn has always relied on his twin, Vince, to be there for him. Now he finds himself mated to an alpha. At least James is Vince’s mate Kale’s brother and lives next door—the very reason Grey had chosen them for the omega twins. But Vaughn quickly finds James is pretty great, and for once it’s Vince who’s having trouble adapting.

Omega Arrival, book 1 Angel Hills Series
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