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Cascade City Series Character Index

This index is meant to be helpful with character relationships but could be a spoiler if used too early in the series.

River/Josiah: Sadie and Sophie, Thorn
Leo/Sam: Jimmy, Linus, and unborn.
Sawyer/Liam: LJ, AJ, PJ; Titan.
Briar/Kane: David (Davy) River
Nick/Austin: Brett, unborn
David/Brooks/Jax: Jarrod-Grant
Christopher/Xavier: unborn
Malcolm/Danny/Zane: Cecil and Abel
Mike/Skyler: unborn
Mark/Jaime: Adrien
Foster/Crow: beta coyote shifter and true mate
Other characters past and present:
Asa Graywhite: River’s grandfather
Lyle: Mate of Asa
Nita Kidwell: Woman who lived with Asa
Gil and Samantha Moreau: Jax’s parents
Josepha, Rosa, Blake Parker: the senator, his wife and son.
Jeb: Sid’s roommate at the university apartments.
Vik Carver: Owner of Omega Oasis
Max: aggressive rogue leader of Hashi Valley Pack.
Dr. Angela Newman: Human doctor who specializes in werewolves. Friend to pack.
Lydia and Amber: Friends of Sid’s at university.
Agents Oaks and Kumar: FBI agents
Jason Reynolds; David’s lawyer
Thomas King: former president of the Congress and Jax’s former professor and lover.
Abram, Nate, Diego-new betas who join the pack
Austin, Mike-new alphas
Hanson: university student, president of human/shifter alliance
Dr. Stephen Barrens: chemist who makes suppressants for the werewolf alphas.

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