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A New Beginning

Book 1 Cascade City Pack


Starting all over again isn't easy, especially for pack alpha River. With his small band of followers and his half-human, half-omega mate by his side, he's left everything he knows for the wilderness. Tragedy brings the group to Cascade City, where rogue werewolves and humans both pose a threat to the pack. River isn't sure he can trust the humans anymore, and telling which rogues are dangerous and which are not is a difficult task. Foremost on the pack alpha’s mind is getting those in his charge to safety and after that rebuilding their pack. Beneath River’s worries lies an uncomfortable feeling that something isn't quite right with the pack's omegas.


"The Cascade City Pack Series is the continuation of the River Wolf Pack. Yes, read those three books first because characters overlap and the plot here will make more sense. This book opens with more tragedy. Alpha River took his small pack of loyal followers, looking for land or a safe place to settle. They're attacked, and some of their group is killed. Yes. From there River has to dig deep and do the best for his pack. Everyone does what they can, pulling together, and making a new start -- 'A New Beginning.'"


—  Daniel Bowen, Amazon

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