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Running Free

Book 3 of Cascade City Series

In the final book of the series, the members of Cascade City Pack struggle to bring peace and security to their pack.

  • David goes to trial for the attempted murder of Senator Parker, the man he attacked at the Omega Oasis for touching David’s human lover, Jax.

  • Jax must make a decision whether he’s staying with David and Brooks or going.

  • Sid is back with his pack and wants a mate, but his feelings for Grier get in the way.

  • Mark adjusts to being a beta werewolf mated to an omega.

  • Christopher and X join the pack, and Christopher hopes the antidote will reverse the effects of the poison dart so he will be able to have a normal physical relationship with his alpha and complete their mating.

  • Austin seeks to get Nick’s baby back from Max, pack alpha of Hashi Valley.

  • After giving birth to twin girls who cannot shift and waiting several years for another pregnancy, Josiah hopes to give River a werewolf son.

As always, the pack faces their trials and tribulations with love and support for one another. Revisit the familiar and beloved characters listed above as well as Sam and Leo, Briar and Kane, Sawyer and Liam, and others.

Book 2 Cascade City Series Rebecca James MM shifter romance
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