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Those loose threads, What's current, and Calling all betas-October 10, 2020

I've had several people lately ask when I will be writing book 2 of my omegaverse series (The Alpha's Forbidden Omega was book 1) or book 2 of The Wolves of Daos 5. The answer is---I don't know! I have major revisions to do with the omegaverse book 2, tentatively called The Alpha's Unexpected Omega, and I do hope to get to that soon. But as for Daos 5--well, I don't think I'll ever get to that unless I see there's a big interest. Unfortunately, authors often have to go with what sells, so if you really like a book (by any author) and hope the series will be expanded, the best thing you can do is to talk up the book in readers groups and get it seen.

I have, however, finally finished my shifter series--Cascade City and Angel Hills. Hurray! And book 8 (final book) of the Hedonist series will be out next month. Currently, I'm working on expanding the Luca/Michael short story (friends to lovers) I wrote for a September Prolific Works giveaway. I LOVE Luca and Michael and hope you will, too. This book will be a little more humorous than I usually write.

The last thing I want to talk about is beta reading. If you enjoy reading and contributing to novels before they're put out and would like to beta read for me, please drop me an email. I need someone who enjoys my books and writing style but who isn't afraid to speak up about aspects they don't think work in a book.

My email address is

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