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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hi, all. I thought I'd check in and let you know what's happening. Book 7 is with my editor and will be out sometime in March--the date depends on the availability of my cover artist,, who is booked and squeezing me in. She has promised March, though. I recently reached out to my readers group for a name for Flynn's Crystal shop, and that will be revealed when the book goes live.. I depend on you guys for naming! Other readers have come up with monikers for characters and places, including a club member (Trace), the dance club (The Yellow Banana), and the exclusive gay men's club (Lux). For opportunities like this as well as to put your vote in on other decisions I make such as topics for extra scenes on Prolific Works, and for sneak peeks, cover reveals, and blurbs, join my Facebook group (button on front page of this website).

While book 7 (still nameless due to the HUGE difficulty of naming books in this series as it expands--I swear, the next series is going to have SIMPLE titles--I am already working on book 8! Yes, you heard that right: Book 8 is well into the works. It is Adam's book and the last in the series. Stay tuned in my readers' group for hints about what the new series will be. Hint: It will be a spin-off from this one.

In other series news, I really do plan to finish revisions on book 2 in my SOS series. I'm sorry to those who have been looking forward to it and have reached out to me wondering when it will come. Also, my wolf pack books should all be back up by the end of the year.

Take care, everyone, and take heart: Spring is just around the corner!

photo source: geralt at Pixabay

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