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Third Mate

Book 3 River Wolf Pack

Third book in the River Wolf Pack Series. Books must be read in order.


The winds of change are blowing through the River Wolf Pack compound. River, the pack alpha, has allowed rogue wolves, a coyote shifter, and humans to join the pack. Then there’s the twin girls that Josiah, River’s mate, has given birth to. A movement to return to more traditional werewolf ways is gaining momentum.
In exchange for Leo’s help, Stone offers him the position of second alpha should Stone succeed in usurping River as pack alpha. Leo has his own problems -- his desire to rise within the pack wars with his dislike of Stone. With the addition of Sam and Foster into the mix, Leo’s personal life is no less complex.
Jax knows he must make a difficult decision before he’s turned out of the compound. Should he remain human or accept David’s bite? He loves the alpha wolf, but he also has ties to the human world, ones he doesn’t want to sever. When David discovers Brooks is considering mating Stone, David determines to prevent it. Can Jax provide a solution to Brooks’s problem even if it means sacrificing his own happiness?
Can River remain in charge of an increasingly fractured pack? Does he even want to?


"Wow this book was amazing. There is so much drama and so much mistrust that this book makes for a very exciting read.

There is more then one character in this book that is the main character of this read and each has their own set of problems anywhere from having the first set of girls being born in the pack, to fighting the attraction that is there for another and not really wanting it to be, to having a human lover and the majority of the pack against him being in their compound.

I have to say that my favorite set of drama in this book is the pack turning against their Alpha and everyone of the pack members having decide who they will support. Some choose to follow the new way of life and others choose to stick with the way things have always been. It is causes a major discontent amongst all members of the pack and leaves so much tension that it will likely explode.

Rebecca James does an amazing job on this book and I look forward to the next book in this series."


—  Natosha, Amazon

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