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River Wolf Pack Character Index

This index is designed to use as a reminder between books in this series or between this series and the next. It contains spoilers for the River Wolf Pack Series. Either Angel Hills Series or Cascade City Series may be read after this one as they occur simultaneously.

River—Pack Alpha of RWP

Grandfathers—Asa and Lyle

Father—Thorn (former pack leader of RWP)

Mate—Josiah (Human-omega werewolf)

Children---twins Sadie and Sophie, Thorn

Josiah—First Omega of RWP

Grandfather—Paul, Thorn’s second alpha

Father—Derrick, Paul’s son. Runs away and mates with human

Mother—Lyla, Human, mates with Derrick

Uncle—Horace—brother to Lyla. Raised Josiah on Three-toed Mountain

David—second alpha of RWP

Fathers—Jarrod and Grant (murdered, leaving David to take care of Briar at 17.)

Brother—Briar (omega)


Lover—Jax (Human)


Malcolm—third alpha of RWP

Mate—Danny (omega) and Zane (omega)

Children—Abel with Danny, and Cecil with Zane

Leo—later third alpha of RWP

Mate—Sam (omega)

Children—Jimmy, Linus


Mates—Justin (omega), Gavin, Henry, and Canaan

Children—Teddy with Canaan, twins Tyler and Tim and Oliver and Oscar with Justin.

Rogues from eastern Georgia Pack (decimated by humans)

Matthew, Patrick, Kane, Sam, and Sam’s brother Jimmy who died in the forest.


Rogue Coyote

Foster—got separated from and lost his pack

Human/Werewolf Congress

President—Thomas King (went to Europe to open W/H Congress there)

VP—Bart Davis—left in charge

Mark Bivens (Josiah’s best friend—they lost their friend Alex), girlfriend Beth

Josiah Kimbrel—visits RWP and stays

Jax Moreau—ambassador of humans to the werewolves. Has parents and sister in Cascade City who are bigoted against the werewolves.

Other assorted humans

Various pack members

Old Ben and Terrance

Jon (Old Ben’s son), mated to Theo, son Ben

Silas, Tim, and Rob (2 mates)

Peter and grown son, Tim

Devin, Seth, Toby, and Dirk (betas)

Gareth (Alpha)

Griffin (Alpha, friend of Stone’s)

Kevin and Ashton

Scott (alpha) and Calvin (omega mates)

Omegas Max, Gabriel, Vaughn, Vince, London

Frank the carpenter

Various Humans

Farrah—healer woman who lives in cabin outside the RWP compound.

Dr. Angela Newman—doctor from Cascade City who visits RWP.

Carl Bishop, Steve, Joan, Trace Abbott—other humans who come with Angela Newman.

Beck, Graham, Cara, Marty—later human visitors

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