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Guest Focus

R. Phoenix


I have R Phoenix here today. Raissa is lovely and one of the very first—if not the first--author I met when I started writing MM romance. Raissa writes dark MM romance, and she has a new book out to tell us about.

You can find all of R Phoenix’s links here:

Q. I’m fascinated by the concept of your new book, Henry the Hucow. Please tell us about it. 

A. Henry is a little bit kinky, but he’s never really had an outlet for it. He stumbled across “HuCow” (human cow) porn at some point, and he loved the idea of it… but he’s gay, so he’s not looking to suck on any big breasts. No, he wants to be the one getting sucked on, and the idea of producing gets him caught up in a study about male lactation. He didn’t read the fine print, though, so there are a few things he’s surprised to learn…  

Q. What was your inspiration for Henry the Hucow?

A. I was doing some role play writing with a friend, and we introduced male lactation in what we were doing. I enjoyed the play so much that I decided I wanted to write my own spin on it because we had a few very sexy scenes with chest-feeding, I guess you’d call it. I sat down, and Henry started talking.

Q. What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever written?

A. Depends on your version of kinky… I’ve written a lot of kink. But probably the dildo pony in my Need Trilogy (Take, Book #2) as well as in a bonus scene for Gilded Cages. It’s a rocking horse fitted with a dildo for a good “boy” to enjoy. I think before Henry, it was what I was known for. LOL.

Q. Tell us why you lean toward writing darker romance.

A. I love the struggle of it. Love is never easy, and it’s hardly perfect when you do find it. I like the way darkness drags the characters down and allows them to build back up again together so that they really have a basis for their love. I want them to earn what they get, damn it! ;-) Plus, it’s just fun.

Q. What is the most popular couple with readers that you’ve written?

A. Tavi and Rex. They’re from my Need Trilogy, my paranormal age play trilogy set in my Fate of the Fallen world (where supernatural beings have subjugated humanity). For some reason, people especially seem to enjoy my twins!

Finish this sentence:  if you like something different to read, from fluff to dark non-con, in MM romance, you’ll love my books.

Thanks, Raissa! Now, everyone go pick up Henry the Hucow.

You can get it here:







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