My Book Recs

I'm not only an author, I'm a reader of the MM genre as well. I like to share recommendations of books I enjoy with  you guys, so I thought--what better place to do that than my website?

I don't want to try to go back and think of every book I've ever loved. I would be terrible at trying to remember them all. But I'll list a few and add more later.

*Lily Morton's Rule Breaker--one of my all-time favorites (the entire series is good). I love this book because it has everything I enjoy in a romance: one point of view, wondering along with the character if the other one cares (uncertainty of the chase), some snark, a little angst. The whole series is great, but that one in particular I just love. <3

*Roan Parrish's In the Middle of Somewhere and Out of Nowhere. They are great reads with a lot of emotion.

*Jill Wexler's Having it All--which has kids and a sweet, sweet friends to lovers story.

*Orientation, book 1 of Borealis Investigations by Gregory Ashe. Awesome chemistry between the MCs!

*T.S. McKinney's Sub Mission.

*Davidson King's Haven Hart series, especially the first book, Snow Falling. Awesome chemistry between MCs and also sweet child character. Plus, mobster stuff!

*The Thirds series by Charlie Cochet beginning with Hell and High Water. These books supply the excitement of a law enforcement team; shifters of different kinds (including the big cat variety); mates and bonding; as well as possessive alpha males and the humans or shifters they love. Humor, emotion, excitement all wrapped up in one great series.

*The VRC series beginning with How to Vex a Vampire, by Alice Winters. I normally don't read vampire books, but I love these. Also Dear Cassius, and Hidden in Darkness.

*The Marshalls series by Mary Calmes is AWESOME. It begins with All Kinds of Tied Down. Lots of UST. Her Matter of Time series is great, too.

*I recommend pretty much everything by Nicky James (Especially Love Me Whole) and *Alessandra Hazard (her Just a Bit series is fabulous).

*Owning It by Riley Hart.

*Clutch, Bond, and Mate by Piper Scott. Awesome mpreg with eggs!

*Psycho Romeo  by Jocelyn Drake.

*Over and Over Again by Cole McCade. Just be ready for a long books with a slooow burn. Well worth it, though. Age difference and best friend's son.

*Lost in Indigo by VL Locey.

*Who We Are by Nicola Haken.

*The Will and Patrick series by Leta Blake. (A Vegas wedding between an ornery doctor and a diabetic pretty boy.)

*The Master Will Appear by L.A. Witt.

*Saving Sebastian by Luna David.

*The Point Shot Trilogy by V.L. Locey

*Matchstick Men by Adira August. (Hunter Dane Investigation series)

*The Chimera Affair by Keira Andrews

*The Made Marion series by Lucy Lennox.

*The Protectors series by Sloane Kennedy.