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Bryce Winters


  1. Tell us about what you write. (Genre, specifics)

    • MM Contemporary Romance, loads of sweet and plenty of heat.

  2. How long have you been writing and how did you get into it?

    • I’ve been writing since I was about 12 years old, I think. I read a lot as a kid and grew up in a very small and boring town, so I’d entertain myself with characters and stories. It grew from there.

  3. How you do find character names and do world building?

    • I have an app on my phone I use to take notes. When I see or hear something interesting, I jot them down, including names and settings. Maybe bits of dialogue. I’ve also asked my fans what their favorite names are or if they’ve been somewhere awesome. If all else fails, I use a name generator and browse Pinterest for setting/aesthetic ideas.

  4. In what space do you normally write? (room, desk, bed, couch, Starbucks?)

    • I’m usually at home but I bounce between the couch, the kitchen table, the bed, and my desk in my office. My cats tend to be needy sometimes so I can’t lock myself away in my office for too long. And yet they’re too distracting if I’m not in my office. It’s a tough balance, I tell you.

  5. How do you go about pulling yourself out of a writing slump?

    • I take a break and read other MM romance books, or I’ll watch my favorite movies, like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or My Fair Lady. I’ll also go for a drive to somewhere pretty and just let myself daydream. That usually gets my heart and brain moving again.

  6. If you were going to recommend just one of your books/stories, which would it be? Tell us about that piece.

    • I’d recommend Rising Tide. It’s the first in my Changing Tides series and my favorite of the group. Harris Brewer, a cardiologist, lost a patient during surgery (through no fault of his own, I assure you), and he’s devastated about it. Not only that, but he’s now being sued for malpractice! In order to get him out of their hair, his lawyers and assistant send him away to a small coastal town in Oregon, where he meets a drop-dead gorgeous hunk. And that’s when he realizes that sex cures everything, right? Haha! Only problem is, Reid Colburn (the gorgeous hunk) doesn’t sleep with tourists… until he does. But Harris isn’t going to be around for long and suddenly there are . What are they going to do about it? I think this one is my favorite because I absolutely love Harris. He’s smart, hilarious, cocky as shit, but he has an enormous heart that’s been hurt. He definitely deserves his happily ever after.

  7. If you were going to step out of your comfort zone, what might you try writing?

    • I’ve actually been wanting to try writing something sexier, darker, kinkier. Still focused on the love story, but I think we all have some fantasies to explore, don’t we?

  8. Tell us about your new release.

    • Turning Tide is the last book in my Changing Tides series, and it’s releasing 9/16. The Changing Tides series is based around a bed and breakfast called “The Changing Tides,” and this book is about its owner, Dylan Kirkwood. His business is in trouble when Cole Seward comes to town, the man responsible for building a giant resort right in the heart of downtown. But Dylan doesn’t know any of that when they tumble into bed together for a one-night-stand. Even after Dylan discovers that Cole is a guest at The Changing Tides, Cole is adamant to never let Dylan find out who he really is. But of course, that all gets flipped upside down when they fall in love. I love secret identity stories, and this one was so much fun to write.

  9. Do you have a favorite trope to read and/or write?

    • Enemies to lovers, hands down. My first book, Making Music, has this trope, on top of it being a professor/student thing. That book was such a guilty pleasure for me. I’ll definitely be exploring more enemies to lover stories in the future.

  10. What’s next on the horizon?

    • Going back to that comfort zone question… Yeah. I’m looking at creating a new series that will definitely put me outside my comfort zone. And that’s all I can share with you right now. :)

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