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Guest Focus

Amy Aislin


Q. Tell us about what you write.

A. I write gay contemporary and new adult romance that’s low-angst and full of feels. I have a few standalone books as well as several series on the go: a hockey series (Stick Side), a cowboy series (Windsor, Wyoming), and two small town series: Lakeshore and Lighthouse Bay.

Q. How long have you been writing and how did you get into it?

A. I started writing when I was nine. We had to stay inside for recess because it was raining, and instead of playing with my friends I sat down to write a little story where I went on a treasure hunt with my friends.

Q. How you do find character names and do world building?

A. Character names usually pop into my head along with the character’s personality, but not always. When it doesn’t, I start going through all of my favourite names until I find one that sticks. When that doesn’t work, I’ll start browsing through movie credits to see if anything pops.

World building, if my story is set in a fictional place, is part fact and part fiction. All of my worlds are partly based on places that actually exist and partly made up of my own imagination. I blend the two together to my worlds.

Q. In what space do you normally write?

A. Usually my bedroom, although sometimes I’ll move to the couch for a change of scenery. Pre-COVID, when I was still taking public transit to work, I’d sometimes write on the train. I’ve written in coffee shops, but I’m never as productive there for some reason.

Q. How do you go about pulling yourself out of a writing slump?

A. I force myself to write just 250 words. Even if it’s nonsense, it’s 250 more words than I previously had. Words are words and can always be edited, but the story doesn’t move forward unless I put words to paper. When I remind myself of that, it’s somewhat easier to get those 250 words in.

Q. If you were going to recommend just one of your books/stories, which would it be? Tell us about that piece.

A. I always recommend On the Ice (Stick Side #1) as an introduction to my work. Not only because it’s my favourite of the books I’ve written, but because it’s a favourite with my readers and would give a new reader an idea of the kind of books that I write.

On the Ice is the first novel in my hockey series and is a new adult romance between a flirty college hockey player and a demisexual NHL player. It’s super slow burn and full of feels.

Q. If you were going to step out of your comfort zone, what might you try writing?

A. A paranormal romance. I’ve had the idea for one on my mind for a long time, but I’ve been too intimidated by the paranormal genre to try my hand at it yet.

Q. Tell us about your new release.

A. My new release is called Gingerbread Mistletoe and is the second book in my Lighthouse Bay series. If you like holiday novels set in wintery small towns with enemies to lovers romances and a dash of Christmas magic, be sure to check it out.

Q. Do you have a favorite trope to read and/or write?

A. My favourite trope to read and write is slow burn. I just adore when authors give us the time to fall in love with the characters at the same time as the characters themselves. I also love opposites attract. It’s always so much fun to watch two seemingly completely different characters start to peel back the layers to find common ground.

Q. What’s next on the horizon?

A. I’m currently working on two different things.

The first, tentatively titled Keeping Casey, is a college romance between childhood best friends—Ethan and Casey—who become fake boyfriends to keep one of Ethan’s annoying teammates off his back about dating. It’s cute and fun and has some great ensemble cast scenes! Look for that in late January/early February 2021.

The second, titled One Winter with You, is a rivals to lovers novella that will be available first thing in the new year.

Thank you!

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